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    Well, congratulations, you made it all the way here injury-free!  Chances are I directed you here because
    I didn't feel like getting into a drawn-out conversation about myself.  So feel free to browse the various
images and read the various text about me, as I will spend many a moment making this damn thing funny!


    Name:   Isaac, a.k.a. Ike, Zeke, Zik
    Age:  17 (d.o.b. 2/01/82)
    Today's Date:  Check a calendar...
    Where I am now:  Probably at work or in bed or in the bathroom or in the kitchen
    Where I will be in about an hour:  Umm, probably in the pool gettin wet
    What I like to do with your spare time:  I like to talk to you and eat your food and watch cable on our TV....oh!  and i like to use your cd's
    What I like to do with my spare time:  Everything, but I especially like to wrestle, sleep, eat, and talk to yeah!  I like to make people laugh, though i don't do that a whole lot
    Where do I work:  American Eagle Outfitters @ Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg, MD
    Why do I work:  Because I need money to support my endless addiction to crack....oh, and so that I can get out of the house
    How you can reach me:  By taking your arms and pointing them in my direction....oh wait....ok, u can IM me or E-MAIL me or ICQ me

IM-  Chinnwing
ICQ- 39838349

Oh, by the way, this page does suck a nut, but to tell u the truth, it doesnt matter.
My better page is elsewhere, though it has nothing to do with me in particular.
Here's what I look like: