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Katy and Isaac's Page....

This page here is dedicated to us...Isaac and that no matter how far apart we may be, we can always come to this site and be reminded of each other. I am gonna post pictures and text, messages, anything I can to make this fun for us.

7/22/99 Katy and Isaac go on our first date, consisting of golf, batting cages,
dinner, and a movie...
7/23/99 Katy and Isaac go on second date, consiting of watching Pulp Fiction
on my computer...
7/24/99 First Kiss...WOW! We are now officially going out (we
watched another movie)
7/25/99 Surprised Katy with a rose, watched movie at her house that night
7/26/99 Surprised Katy with 16 roses, special dinner, ate fruit, took pictures,
7/27/99 Isaac drives all the way to Purcellville to see Katy play softball,
has great day, gets burned.
7/28/99 Katy and Isaac go bowling, have terrific fun, but she leaves next day....
7/29/99 Katy leaves for camp in PA, however, Isaac tags along for the 3
hour ride, we draw on each other, chill in dorm room for an hour,
say our goodbyes...
7/30/99 Katy is gone, Isaac is sad
7/31/99 Isaac gets ready for Wrestling Camp (one week of going out)
8/01/99 Isaac leaves for camp (we talk on phone)
8/02/99 Katy returns for camp (we talk on phone)
8/03/99 CAMP (we talk on phone)
8/04/99 CAMP (we talk on phone)
8/05/99 CAMP (we talk on phone)
8/06/99 Isaac returns from camp in evening, spends night at Katy's, has the best
time of his life with her, never wants to leave her side ever...
8/07/99 Isaac and Katy finally head down to Katy's lakehouse in VA, get lost,
but spend whole day together...(2 weeks of going out), Katy tells Isaac
she loves him....
8/08/99 Isaac and Katy canoe on lake, but he has to leave in afternoon, promises
to come back, misses her terribly...
8/09/99 Isaac makes this webpage for Katy...still missing her lots....!!!

And much more happiness to come, I promise...........

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